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Each of our products is tested and guaranteed to have a positive impact on crops.
Advantages of products Amino Grow.


Inductor in protein formation.


Inductor resistance.


Complex injection for plantain and banana.

BIO Fulvic F210

Fulvic acids in mixture of aminacidos concentrate.

BIO Humic H190

humic acid with minerals.

BIO Quelatt

Chelating - complexing agent. Foliar improver Mixtures.


Amino complexed BORO.


Nourishing and corrector Boro and Zinc.

Chlorophyll Plus

Chlorophyll synthesis potentiator.


Systemic inductor resistance with contact fungicide.


Amino chelated COPPER


Fertilizer fungicide-bactericide action.


Plant growth regulator.

Germinare Ts 100

Potentiator germination.

Humit Hv 70

Concentrate humus to 55% plus fulvic to 15%.

Impuls Protein

Bioactivator protein.


Amino chelated IRON.


Chelated Amino MAGNESIUM.


Amino chelated Manganese


Amino Chelated Multimineral Complex.


Energizer plant, polysaccharides.


Adjuvant fertilization.

Speed K

high potassium assimilation

Top Size

Improved weight, size and shelf life of fruits and seeds.


Potentiator cellular processes.


Amino chelated ZINC.


Amino Chelated ZINC-MANGANESE.


Concentrated Organic Nitrogen

Advantages of products Amino Grow


For many years, after extensive research we managed to obtain and properly document surprising results regarding the development of our Amino Grow products, which highlight the three basic and essential principles for the proper physiological performance of plantations.

All our Amino Grow products induce systemic resistance, extract the maximum genetic potential of plants and optimize the size and molecular weight of the particles, thus achieving penetration via stoma cuticle, improving the plant’s strength and exploiting its maximum genetic potential.

Its improvement is based on the development of our own Aminomix technology, where we manage to mix a platform of bacteria cultures and microorganisms which are lysed with temperature, pressure as well as various special additives that enable the release of a concentrated amount of natural hormones, transported by a fermentation process thus enabling the concentration of organic plant extracts and minerals.


We formulate all our Amino Grow products with a strict quality control. Our company counts with all the certified processes in ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004. We are the only company in the branch of liquid fertilization en Latin America that counts with all its certified processes. OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000 in progress.


In the research and development of our AminoMIX technology, stimulating compounds from the natural defense system of plants are concentrated, like the production of phytoalexins and pathogenesis-related (PRs) proteins.

This is demonstrated in different studies such as those conducted by the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico, a unit of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering of Plants. This study shows that our technology Aminomix or TRI MIX, stimulates the production of substances for defense or Phytoalexins in all plants, due to the existence of different types of stimulators and resistance to drastic treatments such as those applied in this study.

Over time and with the results obtained, it can be concluded that the application of one or more Amino Grow products, by symbiosis, would be giving the plant the ability to show a greater degree of potential for resistance, thereby increasing the possibilities to counter the attacks of pathogens that would be entering the plant, and is being given it the opportunity to manifest a greater degree of genetic potential by providing adequate nutritional balance.


The Aminomix technology is well-known for improving the production and quality of crops. The basis for this improvement is the combination between genetic potential and gene expression, thus optimizing growth patterns and characteristics.

The genetic potential is determined by the internal structure of the DNA of plants, from biotechnology-based improvements. Not so Gene Expression, which is the Physiological manifestation of plants determined by external variables and unpredictable Biotic and abiotic factors, such as nutrition, photosynthetic water, climate, preparation and stress.

Aminomix (active ingredient in all products Amino Grow) acts as breeder of the internal conditions of the plants, providing a perfect hormonal balance and complete nutrition, minimizing the effects caused by stress and facilitating greater gene expression in plants and thus improving agricultural productivity parameters.


The general perception has always been that foliar applications of products like fertilizers and systemic products are assimilated only on the underside of the leaves, where the stomata are.

Using our AminoMIX technology we manage to make absorption greater and faster while penetrating the leaf via cuticle-stoma, we do so by reducing the molecular weight and size of all particles that are chelating and / or complexing. Being technology from a Natural source, the plant accepts it as part of their metabolism, an advantage that synthetic chelators do not have.

By having smaller particles, these easily penetrate the cuticle, the cell walls, and membranes, achieving a faster absorption, where the foliar period goes from two to four hours depending on mixture components being applied.


Another way Amino Grow is different compared to other brands, is regarding its pH. Amino Grow has invested time in research, in order to provide a product with an optimum pH for foliar applications, where the range is between 4.5 and 6.5, to facilitate the mix with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and other products.

To prove this, Amino Grow maintains a potassium phosphite within its product line. Although phosphites tend to have a very low pH, Amino Grow Fitoalexin K at a concentration of 36% phosphorous as phosphorous acid and a 32% potassium as K2O, maintains a pH of 6.5, great for mixing with other products.

Moreover, Fitoalexin K, apart from having a contact resistance inductor such as potassium phosphite, it has Aminomix , which gives the other part of systemic resistance. Therefore, Fitoalexin K, for its development and technology has a double resistance, one of contact and other systemic, making this product something special and unique on the market.